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Garage Doors And Gates FAQ

We gathered some frequently asked questions, regarding PetalumaGarage Doors And Gates, and regarding garage doors repair, maintenance, and installation. It is important to clear, that none of the information that appear in this page, can replace the opinion of a garage door contractor, that came to your place, inspect the door, and use he’s experience to maintain or to fix a broken garage door..

What areas does your company serve?

We offer garage doors and gates repair and installation in Petaluma IL and the surrounding area. Below you can find a list of the neighborhoods in Petaluma that can use our garage doors and gates services.

What is garage door maintenance?
PetalumaGarage Doors And Gates, offer same day repair service for garage doors and rolling gates from all makers. From commercial rolling gate in Williamsburg, to residential garage door in Sheepshead Bay, we can help. Below you can find a partial list of our service. 24-7 garage door and rolling gate service. Real person customer service. Rolling gate maintenance service. Garage door springs repair. Rolling gate opener repair. Garage doors maintenance/Tune Up. Garage doors safety sensors repairs. Out of track garage door repair. Out of track rolling gate repair. Garage door panel replacement. Garage door opener repair. Rolling gate slats replacement. Garage Door Safety Cables Installation. Garage doors Hinge replacement. Noisy garage door repair. Garage door lock installation. Rolling gate installation. And much more.

What is rolling gate maintenance?
Some people tend to ignore the need for a rolling gate maintenance. They assume that since the roiling gate has worked perfectly until today, why it shouldn’t work like that in the future. The thing is that just like your car need to be inspected and tuned once in a while, although you can still drive and use it, so is the rolling gate.
A rolling gate maintenance will extend the life of the rolling gate parts, and help the gate to work in a smoother way. Ignoring the need for maintenance, can lead to a stuck rolling gate, and that can occur at the worst timing, and it will probably going to cost you much more time and money, than if you would of maintain the gate on time. Beside the greasing and the lubrication, a rolling gate maintenance is an opportunity for the rolling gate technician to check the rolling gate and locate broken parts, or parts that need to be replaced. Again, although a rolling gate maintenance isn’t a complicated process, we recommend that it will be performed by a rolling gate technician that will make sure that the gate is safe to use, and that it will continue to operate for many years.

We believe that a good service, no matter from what field, start from one basic thing: you need to love what you do, and you need to enjoy sharing your knowledge and help those who need your service. We love our job, and after so many years in the garage door repair field, we have a lot to share. Ask each one of our garage doors customers in Petaluma, and they will all tell you the same thing, YOU CAN TRUST THEM. You can trust them to come on time, to do a professional job, and to give you a fair price, no matter how small or big is the project.
This, among other things, what make us to one of the leading garage doors companies in Petaluma. So, if you are having a garage door problem, or if you are not sure what exactly need to be done, contact us, and we will be happy to help.


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